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Business Listings 101 | How They Help!

Gone are the days when a business laid down an annual sum to have its information listed in the Yellow Pages.

These days it’s crucial for small businesses to instead prominently list themselves in multiple online directories. Consider this, four out of five consumers in the U.S. now use search engines to find local businesses. Perhaps more importantly, 50 percent of those conducting local searches by smartphone visit the business in question within the same day, and 18 percent move forward with a purchase that day. To make sure your business is found, we’ve outlined the top 20 places your business needs to be listed. And we’ve even added a few lesser-known directories as a bonus.

What to include in your online business listing

Google research shows customers most frequently seek company hours, product information, business location, and directions. Many also put great stock in online reviews by other customers, with 88 percent trusting these reviews as much as personal recommendations. Other studies point to searcher demand for coupons and special offers.

CheckoutArizona's business listing (PROpage) offers all the items mentioned above plus more!

So how do you decide which online directory, search engine — or engines — to list in?

If you're an Arizona small business owner or marketer we believe a local directory servicing your local city or state such as is a no- brainer. We are local and so are you! (we'll come back to this in a bit).

Google My Business

The Goliath of search engines, of course, is Google. So it’s no surprise when prioritizing which online listings to pursue, experts often recommend starting with the free-of-charge Google My Business (GMB). After all, Google far outperforms every other search engine, logging an average 7.8 billion searches per day last year.

One of the greatest benefits of GMB is its listing of your business’s exact location on a mobile-friendly map — a huge boon to the 1.3 billion smartphone users expected to populate the U.S. by 2020.

“You will be far more visible to the vast majority of users of both Android and iPhones searching for businesses within a 3-mile radius,” Google advises, pointing to the SEO edge the tool provides in promoting small, local businesses over more generic corporations. “Local searchers do not want to be constantly bombarded with the same old big names that may or may not truly offer the service or product they are seeking.”

GMB consistently shows up high in online searches. A No-brainer For Arizona Small Business Owners

Did you ever think you'd be visiting a site called Google, let alone using it to type in key words and that's it? Probably not, but Google has become one of the Internet's greatest sites and online tool - BUT, it didn't happen over night.

Now, what if another site,, a site devoted to only Arizona - not the entire world - has jumped on the local search scene and offered Arizona as their niche! Arizona business owners and marketers would be able to instantly rank locally (in Arizona) for their company/brand name, products and services...and offered business owners a revolutionary business listing (truly revolutionary) one that out performs most small business websites and especially any other business listing on the market today! Meet PROpage a new kind of business listing - one that works!'s PROpage business listing boosts your website’s SEO rankings to optimize traffic, posts reviews from your customers, and allows you to include in your profile printable coupons, special offers, videos, images, opening hours, preferred payment methods, and more! 

And what if you could do all this for under 500 Yearly?

We don't compete with Google we embrace it and their technologies - we use Google mapping and geo-location technologies to help users find a local business with interactive maps and online directions. We optimize out site and our small business owner PROpages to be SEO friendly - giving our PROpage subscribers additional search engine indexing for increased online exposure!

In fact, part of our "Going Local with PROpage (a local marketing road-map) is for our customers is to establish a GMB (Google My Business) listing as a first step in marketing their business locally. 

At we've got you covered!

Once your PROpage business listing is up and running and your GMB listing has been verified (we can help with this), the next step is to see just How Local Your Business Really Is with our PROlocal Online Visibility Report (available to all PROpage subscribers for free). We'll show you exactly how the Internet sees your website locally and let you know exactly where its stands by grading your site and showing where your site is listed, where it is not and any inconsistencies within those found listings. 

Then we take it one step further and offer PROlocal Submission - a website submission service that submits your site to key directories, search engines and review sites. But we don't stop there - with PROlocal Marketing Dashboard - we'll let you monitor and update your listings 24x7 and give you the online tools to to do hands-on marketing directly from the dashboard!


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