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Understanding Consumer's Local Search Behavior

By Google, Ipsos Media CT & purchased 2014

Every day, people search for things nearbyby conducting local searches. These aresearches aimed at finding things near wherethey happen to be. This may include findingdirections to a local store/business, checkinglocal store hours, or searching for localstores that have a product in stock.We wanted to understand this local searchbehavior. Is it prominent? What informationdo consumers search for when they want tofind things nearby? And, what potential doesit hold for advertisers?To answer these questions, Googlecommissioned two custom researchstudies to look at local search behavioracross devices. This deck highlights theresearch findings.

Ececutive Summary

Consumers search with their location and proximity in mind

● 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information.

● They search on smartphone and computer/tablet for: store address,business hours, product availability and directions.

Local searchers take action

● 50% of consumers who conducted a local search on their smartphonevisited a store within a day, and 34% who searched on computer/tabletdid the same.

● Local searches lead to more purchases than non-local searches. 18% of

local searches on smartphone lead to a purchase within a day vs. 7% of

non-local searches.

Consumers prefer and act on location-based ads

● 4 in 5 consumers want ads customized to their city, zip code or

immediate surroundings.

● More than 60% of consumers have used location information in ads.They say it’s important to have store address and phone number in adson computer/tablet, and directions and the call button in ads on smartphone.

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